Midwest Tribute To The King Show History

In 1997, Fred Puglia developed the Midwest Elvis Presley Impersonator’s Competition.  The event  at the Hilton Springfield was an instant success, attracting over 800 people just in its first year.  By 1999, this amazingly exciting concert sold out and its name change to Midwest Tribute to the King.

From its inception, Miller Lite was the presenting sponsor and in 2009 Springfield Van and Storage Co., one of the largest Bekin’s Van Lines agencies joined the two-day concert as a sponsor.  Over the last sixteen years, the concert has attracted dozen’s of the World’s leading Elvis Presley Tribute Artists.  Several world Champions such as Irv Cass, Robert Washington and Bill Cherry have graced our stage.

In addition to the two day ETA competition, the audience is always treated to a special guest to further enhance the entertainment experience.

Over the years, special guest cameo’s have included:

  • #1 Rod Stewart , Steve Bobbitt  
  • The Brittles as the Beatles
  • #1 Michael Jackson, RICO   
  • #1 Rock ‘n Roll Elvis, KAVAN
  • #1 Johnny Cash, Phillip Bauer  
  • Buddy Holly Story
  • Bobby Brooks as Jackie Wilson  
  • The Blues Brothers Tribute
  • Irv Cass as Tom Jones   
  • Alphonse Franklin as Smokey Robinson

. . . just to name a few

In  2013 The Midwest Tribute To The King Show was produced by Jim Potter's Flaming Star Productions.

Jim Potter increased the production quality of the show by having the EAS Band perform with contestants and increasing the prize money to $10K.  Fans were delighted with the the new show format and the artists were equally happy with the performing with a band and the bigger purse.  In 2014 the EAS Band returns and this time the prize money is set to be $15K.  It should be a very exciting and entertaining evening.

Special Performance On Sunday

Sunday Special Event - Feb 9 at 10:30 am Hilton Ballroom Gary Elvis Gospel Show starring the Midwest Tribute to the King Elvis Choir featuring many of your favorite ETA's! Tickets are only $12 at the door.

Official Tribute Band of Graceland

EAS Band

is the official band of Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland. They are respected throughout the industry as the number one touring tribute band. Not only does EAS perform note for note duplication of Elvis' music and concerts of over 600 songs.

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